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Thursday, November 15, 2007

It would have been beautiful...

But it was cancelled. Bonsoir mes chers lecteurs! Tonight I bring you a page from recent history.


                                THE X-33

It was a prototype for the larger VentureStar, which was meant to be a successor for the aging space shuttles. It was a Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO, meaning no additional rockets or tanks to take it to space) reusable launch vehicle. The prototype was intended to test an array of new technologies meant for new space vehicles, and to demonstrate the effectiveness of the design. The VentureStar would not only be utilitarian but also commercial.

Sad news is, the design had some flaws, and the prototype was left at 85% completion when the project was canceled in 2001.

A damn shame if you ask me.

Sadly enough, once the shuttles are retired, they will be succeeded by the Orion which I imagine will sport the latest technologies, but looks like the Apollo, but they say the Orion will be taking people tothe moon in 2020 and subsequently to Mars. Hopefully!

I really do wish I can get to orbit one day.

Rêves doux, chers lecteurs!

1 comment:

Angeluz said...

si la carrera se reanuda, bueno, solo nos quedan 3,500 millones de años antes de que se le acabe el oxigeno al sol :P

si lo se de todos modos ese sera el futuro así que mejor vaya viento en popa