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Sunday, November 18, 2007

A glimpse

A spark of passion

A shedding of tears

A dripping of blood

A glimpse into eternity

A step into oblivion


Inspiration, mes chers lecteurs! Isn't it a beautiful thing?.

Rêves doux!

Rant, And I hadn't published one in a while, had I?

Bonsoir, mes chers lecteurs! It's been a long while since my last rant.

Here it goes.

So, I got on the subway, and this lowlife gets on and starts going "blah blah, I'm no thief, I'm no swindler, I'm a beggar, give me money" in one of those pre-written speeches that all of these people seem to use. Mind you, he was talking on an expensive mobile phone as he stepped on. Either we hasn't as needy as he led on or it was stolen, in any case, what was this imbecile halfwit thinking?

Not only that, but also he was putting a demanding hand in front of anyone he could (the tube was packed).

This reminded me, in a way, of those beggars who pretend to be blind to gain the sympathies (and money) of those around.


And to top things off, when I tried to get off, I had to fight a tidal wave of humans who wouldn't let me off because they wanted to get on without letting anyone off.


I really do hate having to push my way through a crowd.


Rêves doux, chers lecteurs.