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Thursday, November 22, 2007

What do you mean my brain is weird? I only have a headache!

Mes chers lecteurs, comment ça va? Any of you heard of or suffered migraine? For those of you who don't know, migraine is a neurological disease, commonly associated with horrible headaches, photo and audiophobia and many other ailments. It can go from annoying to life threatening. More info here for those of you interested.

Now, scientists have discovered that people who suffer migraine have some structural differences in the brain. To be specific, the somatosensory cortex (Click here if you don't know what that is) was about 21% thicker, specially the part that processes sensory input from the face and head.

I imagine it comes as a consequence of the migraine, given the fact that it is constantly stimulated by the recurring headaches and other symptoms.

Who knows, maybe this new information will lead to a cure for that ghastly illness! Meanwhile, Ibuprofen will usually do the trick.

More info on this new discovery here.

Rêves doux, mes ches lecteurs.