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Friday, April 18, 2008

Of theocrat hierarchs and their opinions

Bonsoir, mes chês lecteurs, comment allez vous? Today I bring you this. Apparently the pope not only dislikes the existence of other religions in the world, he criticizes "Secularist ideology", which according to him, denies any kind of "trascendent truth". I'm quite sure that his view of in ideal world is a global theocracy, ruled by none other than himself, who knows, maybe bring the inquisition back, for old times sake. It is fortunate that he is the head of state of a really tiny country, though it is unfortunate that so many people heed his ill-concieved words.
And on the note of ill-conceived words, have you heard of the 7 new capital sins? I find it most paradoxical (not to mention hypocritical) that they had the audacity to put among those "sins" one about becoming obscenely rich at the expense of others, since the Catholic church has been doing it for more than a thousand years, and continues to do so today.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Of government-assisted religious transgression

Bonsoir, mes chês lecteurs, aujourd'hui je suis furieux. Je suis furieux parce que le gouvernement de mon pays a décidé d'offrir quatre-vingt-dix Millions de Pesos (MXN) a l'eglise catholique. Quatre-vingt-dix millions! It is truly outrageous. This particular transgression comes from the state of Jalisco (which is notorious for the borderline and not-so-borderline religious fanaticism of most of its inhabitants). I'm sure you can understand my anger at this event. Oh, and to top things off, the ninety million are to be used to build a monument to catholic martyrs of the Cristero war, when their so called "martyrs" were the ones who started the war and committed the atrocities during the conflict (Further reading here). Mexico is by law a secular nation, and this is an open violation of said law (pdf). As it has come to be expected, the governor of Jalisco is a member of the National Action Party (PAN). The church constantly violates the Law of Religious Associations and Public Cult, one of the more recent incidents being their attempt to coerce congresspeople into not legalizing abortion here in the city by threatening them with excommunication (I'm sure that only scared the people from PAN).

Para cerrar, los que vivan en México y sean seres racionales, y los que no vivan en México y tengan un lugar especial en su corazón para este pais nuestro, no se queden callados ante este abuso. Ese dinero es de todos los contribuyentes y no es correcto que lo desperdicien, mucho menos regalándoselo a una asociación religiosa (notando particularmente que esta asociación, la iglesia católica, no necesita ese dinero para un monumento, porque estoy seguro que el retrete del papa cuesta mas que eso). Que sepa el ciudadano gobernador Emilio Gonzalez que no importa que maquille el asunto como que le está dando dinero a una Asociación Civil, no engaña a nadie.

If anyone requires a tranlation of anything I wrote, feel free to ask for it.

Rêves Doux, chês lecteurs.