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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random musings

It had previously occurred to me that a human usually is defined by its genes, its upbringing and its environment. Most of our traits have been developed through aeons of evolution and adaptation.

So the big question is, how much of me, as an example for the sake of argument, is a product of genetics and environment, and how much is "me"?

Furthermore, it can be argued that most of me is me, with some contribution from genetics and environment, but it can also be argued that reality is in fact, the other way around.

This, of course, does not intend to be a determinist statement. While our decisions may be influenced by genetics and environment, all decisions we make are ultimately ours. My question is aimed not to expose an impairment to free will, but to understand how personality as a whole is constituted, and how that free will of ours is used. Unfortunately, no one has a precise  answer to this question.


It stands to reason that, as genetic and cerebral knowledge increases, this question of mine may one day see an answer, but meanwhile, I'm hoping to spark a debate, if you're interested.

If you wish to discuss it, I will be online at the chat to your right tomorrow night (27-01-08, 11:00PM -6GMT).

Also, I would appreciate suggestions on post subjects, all comments welcome!

Rêves doux!