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Friday, April 18, 2008

Of theocrat hierarchs and their opinions

Bonsoir, mes chês lecteurs, comment allez vous? Today I bring you this. Apparently the pope not only dislikes the existence of other religions in the world, he criticizes "Secularist ideology", which according to him, denies any kind of "trascendent truth". I'm quite sure that his view of in ideal world is a global theocracy, ruled by none other than himself, who knows, maybe bring the inquisition back, for old times sake. It is fortunate that he is the head of state of a really tiny country, though it is unfortunate that so many people heed his ill-concieved words.
And on the note of ill-conceived words, have you heard of the 7 new capital sins? I find it most paradoxical (not to mention hypocritical) that they had the audacity to put among those "sins" one about becoming obscenely rich at the expense of others, since the Catholic church has been doing it for more than a thousand years, and continues to do so today.