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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

If you saw these work...

You are at least as old as me. Bonsoir, mes chers lecteurs! Time for a little nostalgia!

Remember these?





Yes, mes chers lecteurs, the 5.25" floppy! Considered a minifloppy by its time (its predecessor was 8 inches wide), it could store 360 Kilobytes ( .03% of a 1GB Flash memory). It was used from 1976 to the early nineties. By then the 3.5" floppy had all but eradicated the poor old 5.25"s.

And to top the evening, this is an anti software piracy video from 1992. Enjoy!

I'm getting old...

See the whole video, including the credits, I didn't know some of those companies were THAT old.

Info an all floppies here.

RIP, floppies.

Rêves doux!