Para los que gusten de leer los desvaríos de un hijo de la noche

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Bueno, pues, queridos lectores. ¿Que les puedo decir? Hay una persona existiendo temporalmente aqui en casa de mis abuelos. Esa persona se cree con la autoridad de retirarme mis llaves. Llaves que me costaron cien pesos. Ahora, normalmente no la detesto, entiendo sus razones para ser como es y para molestarme como lo hace; pero hoy en particular estoy enojado. Quien chingadas madres se cree para quitarme MIS llaves! "Pero es que no pusiste el candado en la cochera". Carajo! Obviamente no puse el estupido candado! No tengo coche, no salgo por la pinche cochera, salgo por la puerta para humanos. No acostumbro fijarme en eso. "Y no cerraste la puerta que da de la casa a la cochera". Vaya. Una vez. UNA MALDITA VEZ QUE HAGO ESO Y ME DECOMISA LAS LLAVES (que yo pague). Bueno pues no volvera a pasar.
Me vale madres quien vaya a entrar y quien vaya a salir, voy a poner ese candado las 24 horas, y no va a haber momento en el que pase yo y no este. Pudo habermelo pedido por las buenas, y por las buenas me hubiera fijado. Pero no. Quiere ese candado ahi? ahi va a estar. Y ay de ella si se le ocurre reclamarme.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rant! of the night

So, what's the thing with those bloody evangelists in the subway? Is it not annoying enough to have those thought-piercing yelling peddlers? Now we have people who yell about salvation coming through adoring a bearded man who perished two millenia ago. Cute. Let me tell you something, oh dear reader: I truly dislike religion. But people like this make me hate it. They have the right to believe whatever they want, I wouldn't dare deny them such a right. But why the hell do these half-witted imbeciles feel such an urgent need to push their idiotic beliefs on us. Do they see me in the metro system yapping on about why they should become atheists? No, they don't. Why? Because I have a functional brain and know how to respect other people's rights. I truly wanted to cast this idiot's bible out the subway's window, hoping that she would jump after it. Sometimes I lament having a good education. Anyhow, it's quite ironic that, given religion's past and present, both filled to the brim with censorship, now those worshippers abuse their freedom of speech.

In the meantime, I will leave you with a rant induced political statement for all of you to consider.

Religion should be prohibited for people under the age of 18. There is nothing quite so unethical as forcing a child to take your religion because of a whim disguised of righteousness.

I will rant about this later.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

To sleep, perchance to dream...

...for in the sleep of death what dreams may come, once we have shed off this mortal coil.

-Shakespeare, Macbeth.

As I sleep I fall, an eternal fall with no discernible end. Then eternity comes to an end. An incessant torrent of ideas and thoughts swarm my mind. Turmoil ensues, as a thousdand different thoughts struggle for their place on my mind as I try to bring coherence to this seemingly endless flow of images and memories, as I try to realize what is real and what is a construct of my wayward mind. suddenly comes peace and silence, a moment of quiet meditation. But alas, it is short lived, for in the blink of an eye, I stumble upon a vortex of insanity once again. As I twist and toss and turn in this flux of incoherent inconscience I begin to question the sanity of my conscious self, my consciousness split into a thousand different personas, each a figment of my twisted ego, all arguing loudly. A myriad of images of places I have been to and places I have not flash before my morphean eyes as this ride flies at a hellbent pace. But then a sound comes. A sound uncannily out of place, even in this twisted reality. The sound becomes deafening, blasting through me, burning me. I burst, as consciousness brings closure to this unearthly plane.

I wake up.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Mondrigos Delincuentes

Bueno pues resulta que estaba en el banco, fastidiado porque la maldita cola no avanzaba. despues, llega mi turno, paso a la caja, me estaban atendiendo, cuando oigo bullicio. Volteo un poco y veo gente echandose en el piso. Volteo mas y veo a un desgraciado con un revolver. Acto seguido procedi a echarme detras de una columna gruesa, seguido por mi Dama. Si habia tiros al menos estaría cubierto. Despues se largaron los criminales y nos levantamos. No pudimos salir del banco hasta que llegaron las autoridades y pidieron declaraciones. Dije lo que sabia y nos fuimos.

Hasta hace unos minutos, eso iba a constituir el post completo, pero hace 5 minutos sucedio algo que va dentro del tema. A un pobre sujeto le acaban de robar su coche a puntta de pistola afuera de mi casa.

Hijos de su repinche madre...