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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

To sleep, perchance to dream...

...for in the sleep of death what dreams may come, once we have shed off this mortal coil.

-Shakespeare, Macbeth.

As I sleep I fall, an eternal fall with no discernible end. Then eternity comes to an end. An incessant torrent of ideas and thoughts swarm my mind. Turmoil ensues, as a thousdand different thoughts struggle for their place on my mind as I try to bring coherence to this seemingly endless flow of images and memories, as I try to realize what is real and what is a construct of my wayward mind. suddenly comes peace and silence, a moment of quiet meditation. But alas, it is short lived, for in the blink of an eye, I stumble upon a vortex of insanity once again. As I twist and toss and turn in this flux of incoherent inconscience I begin to question the sanity of my conscious self, my consciousness split into a thousand different personas, each a figment of my twisted ego, all arguing loudly. A myriad of images of places I have been to and places I have not flash before my morphean eyes as this ride flies at a hellbent pace. But then a sound comes. A sound uncannily out of place, even in this twisted reality. The sound becomes deafening, blasting through me, burning me. I burst, as consciousness brings closure to this unearthly plane.

I wake up.


Ryksz said...

Please, do keep posting ancient thoughts, better yet post your recent thoughts on ancient knowledge.

Imperatrix Nox said...

Beautifully written (typed?) as always, bunny. Though I can't help but wonder if you get any rest at all.

Is it like this every night or was this a particularly troubled sleep? Or was it all just the product of a moment of literary inspiration?