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Monday, November 19, 2007

So, now they're whining...

Bonsoir, mes chers lecteurs! Comment allez vous? Heard the news, lately?

Here it goes:

A group of people in a political meeting got upset because the bells of the cathedral had been ringing for too long, and was disrupting said meeting.

They then went into the cathedral and demanded that they stop, and allegedly, attacked some of the oops... churchgoers and caused some damage inside the church.

And now the archdioceses is getting all whiny, saying that, they have lost their freedom of religion at least in that cathedral (lost it, yeah right, the catholic church, losing their power over Mexico, that'll be the day...) and that they will close the cathedral indefinitely (yay!, no complaints here).

So, what about the church attempting to trample the rights of the congress people to choose when they threatened to excommunicate them if they dared legalize abortions in this city of ours? A bit hypocritical of them, is it not? They have no problem with trampling the rights of others, but when it comes to their so-called sacred temples, they start complaining. Mind you, I am not justifying the aggression against the churchgoers and the cathedral, I'm just exposing the hypocrisy of religious institutions, with this incident as an example.

Further reading here and here.

And come on, mes lecteurs, I hardly ever get any feedback on what I write for you! Does anyone of you agree? Disagree? Anything? Comment, please!

In the meantime, I sleep.

Rêves doux.