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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Proposal for a new domain name extension

After wondering about the web, I have come to the conclusion that there should be a .crap domain name extension. That way, users who do not wish to have their brains bombarded with website containing absolute bollocks would just have to set their google filters not to display .crap sites. Allow me to show you an example of one such site.

This, dear reader is solid Trash. Of course, anyone who knows me will at first say I'm biased (for those who do not, know that I hold nothing but contempt for religion), but I am quite certain that you will change your minds after reading this horrid site.

Don't say I didn't warn, you...
Here you go : down the drain...

You see, no crap is better than self-righteous crap involving religion. It's just prime quality. This ad practically tells you that you can murder, rape, steal, cheat, lie and pretty much everything else, if after that you feel guilty and you pray! Then they say that the world's biggest problem is *background scream* SIN!
Oh, right. Sin. So, I hate to break this to all the Iraqi, but war is definitely not the biggest problem. And poverty, I guess that for these people poverty is not an issue either. It's okay if millions starve to death as long as they're praying, and giving the money to the church, right?
I'll tell you what, if there actually were a god, I think idiots like those would be the firt ones to come down. But guess what, there is none, all there is are liars who say they speak on behalf of some deity so people will blindly follow them and do what they want. But still they refuse to open their eyes. Oh well. Willfully blind equals helpless...