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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Come on, Eureka too?

So, I've been watching this fairly recent series named Eureka, about a town filled with the greatest scientific minds of the US, all in all a rather interesting series for a science and sci-fi nut like me. Season one and everything's lovely, season two and all's well until episode ten. Why, because the writers were utterly incapable of envisioning a town without a damned church, even if the town is filled with the greatest of American geniuses. Oh, and to top things off, the churchgoing was pretty slim until things strarted to go biblical-awry and then the bloody church is filled to capacity. Well done, sci-fi channel, thank you for reinforcing the stereotype of the false atheist, ready to turn believer at the flick of a match. The sad thing is that it has been a good series so far. Hopefully, they won't further wreck with it more religious nonsense.

Rêves doux.

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Xema said...

Bueno! Algún buen motivo tendrían para poner algo así!
:) Aún sigo impresionado con tu inglés, hablas mejor que un nativo jejeje :P