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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Well, it had to happen, sometime...

Bonsoir mes ches lecteurs! I hope you read this, before reading the rest of this post. In my opinion it was only a matter of time before an issue like this came up. Do we forbid them or do we protect them? Science is not too far from successfully cloning human beings.

My question is: What the hell is everyone so afraid of?
A cloned human would still be a human, the only different thing would be that it would have the same genes as someone else, and even that is not unheard of. Twins fit that same description. So, what's there to fear? Most of the opposition I've heard has a religious basis, something long the lines of "blah blah artificial humans have no soul" or "blah blah we shouldn't be playing god". But I see no real reason to oppose them. Not only can cloning be a great option for those that cannot have children (i.e. sterile or gay couples), but cloned tissue can be a great lifesaver (i.e. liver or heart damage). So why oppose it? (I'm hoping for some good comments on this issue). In my humble opinion, not only should they not ban it, but indeed take a bold step towards the future and ensure the rights of cloned individuals.

Oh well. Time will tell. For me though, it is time to sleep, as I'm rather tired. Do comment, please.

Rêves doux, mes ches lecteurs, I'll be seeing you tomorrow

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