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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So, they agreed to reopen...

And I was hoping for a permanent shutdown. Bonsoir, mes ches lecteurs! So, they decided to reopen the cathedral at downtown MxCity, with mandatory searches on all those going in by the PBI (Industrial and Bank Police). And on top of all, some of those faithfully going to be told how to lead their irrelevant lives by their chosen imaginary friend representative complain about the extra security, go figure.

Oh well, someone willing to believe that the social standards from two millennia ago are the truth of truths, and that all other beliefs are false and therefore erroneous is not a very intelligent person to begin with, is it? Oh well, you all know how I feel about religion.

Rêves Doux

1 comment:

Imperatrix Noctis said...

WTH? They search you? Good thing I don't go there. Poor tourists.
And isn't the PBI more needed at, I don't know, banks? Who cares about stupid churchgoers?