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Friday, November 09, 2007

Back, without a vengeance

Well, if there were dust in the internet, this place of mine wold be covered in it. I'm sorry for my absence, mes ches lecteurs, but I've been busy, either with work or with a TV series I acquired. I'm going to try and type here every night, though I remain certain of the fact that no one reads this. Anyway, my readers, what have you been up to? No good I imagine. I've been watching videos, trying to finish a book I've been reading at a snail's pace, and reinforcing my dislike of mac (through work).
In order:
1.- The aforementioned series.
2.- Ten days that shook the world, a chronicle of the russian revolution from the point of view of a resident of Petrograd
3.- New client who has 6 macs, that crashed a few times.
Nothing quite so interesting actually. Oh well. Comments and insults welcome, and I hope to read at least one.
Bonsoir, mes ches lecteurs, et rêves doux.

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