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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tecnophilia at its best

My dearest readers, you cannot even begin to imagine the joy I felt when I found out about this.
Are you ready? here goes...

Mexico City will have free citywide wireless access to the internetby 2008!

This, dear readers, has not been done by any city of the oh-so-first-worldly US. The only country to have done this is Zaragoza in Spain, and, Zaragoza is but a small town compared to this megalopolis of ours. Those of you who are less loving of technology will probably dismiss this as irrelevant news, but this is really grandiose and magnificent! The pure concept of physically living within such a vast wireless network, together with the possibilties that this brings make me burst in joy. Just imagine this, anyone who has any 802.11b or g device would never have to be offline again! Imagine having such a permanent vinculum with the global network. That of course was already possible, but the cost of mobile broadband services is grossly prohibitive and limited to laptops only. Soon we will have this kind of access from laptops, wi-fi enabled pda's, nintendo ds's and psp's.

The new government of the city is proving its worth quite fast.

Well, mes ches lecteurs, I hope you rejoice upon this announcement, as I have. LLAP, and have beautiful nightmares.


Imperatrix Nox said...

Well... while I think it's a wonderful idea, we have yet to see how it is executed... We don't want it to be made in a hurry and of poor quality, do we? *cough*pejevial*bibloteca*cough*

Plus, I'm not a big fan of our government yet... Yes, Ebrard has been actually working, but I'd get the water problem solved first and then we would see about fake beaches (tacky tacky tacky) and *sigh* citywide wireless Internet access.

I can see the effort, but I'd wait a couple of years before saying they're doing great. I want to see if they can maintain this level in the long run :P

Xema said...

Puramente: wow!