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Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh really?

So it turns out that, having nov 29 as a deadline, I'm going to have to work full steam on this one particular paper, which will be 2 or three pages long, and hasn't been delivered to me for translation. Then if I'm late it's obviously going to be my fault. Or maybe not, this lady does seem to be quite reasonable.
Anyway, I hope there's another cold front coming, cause it's getting warm again over here. Still, 13 night hours and 11 day hours is quite lovely, though another night hour wouldn't hurt anyone and would make me quite happy. Oh well, keine ewignacht...
On another story, some idiot almost crashed his car out here a second ago, and it seems one of his tires blew up. So sad, would have been one less idiot.

So that's it for the night. My dreams await me.
All manner of comments welcome, so if you feel like typing something, please do.


Imperatrix Nox said...

*typo alarm goes off*

Alzirr Mortis Vyktor said...

Oh well. Kind of expected a deeper comment, but hey, one is better than none, right?

Ryksz said...

those luki idiots, they keep on going